FOREX Trading made easy, make money the smart way!!!

Bluekey Breakout Trading System (BBTS)

The offer:

  • Minimum Startup Capital = $10,000
  • Monthly Subscription fee of 10% of equity/capital prepaid.
  • Subscription is to be paid using Bluekey coin (BKY)
  • Expected profits is between 30% to 50% monthly
  • Get BBTS 72hours Trial period free

KYC verification Requirements

  • International Passport or
  • Driver's License or
  • National ID

Trading Account Requirements

  • Broker Name: e.g: Hantecglobal
  • Account ID/No. for (MT4, MT%, C-trader). e.g: 550004
  • Trading password: e.g: H@00074ok
  • Broker Server link: e.g HantechGlobal-Live